In line with the mission of SPADO, promotion of education is an important tool in promoting peace, cultural diversity, social justice and human rights. Transformative education and development in any society can play a key role. In this relation SPADO strongly believe in the promotion of education for all the youth of Pakistan so that they could contribute to the prosperity of the country.
However, SPADO contemplates that education could be a driver of conflict and violence when it involves inequitable provision, biased teaching methods/ curriculum that reinforce existing stereotype, exclusion and irrelevant education. In this case the culture of conflict and violence based on chauvinism, bigotry and distrust of the ‘other’ becomes the norm. Keeping it in view, organization has been engaged in campaigns, training programs and projects related to the promotion of education that promotes respect for others, promotion of tolerance and appreciation of the complex identities that make up multi-ethnic societies. Additionally, all the Initiatives have also contributed to different dimensions of peacebuilding e.g. civic engagement, social transformation and economic progress; among and within the communities. Few of the projects are as follows:

Education Projects

Take A Child To School Project (TACS)
Primary Education

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