Pakistan is ranked in the top ten countries that are highly vulnerable to the adverse affects of climate change. In last two decades Pakistan has experienced disasters like earthquakes, floods and droughts, which has badly affected communities and took toll of thousands of lives, affecting marginalized and poorest people the most. In addition to environmental disasters, man made conflicts have also resulted in displacement of large proportion of people within Pakistan. The recurring floods and conflict situation resulted in the loss of lives, property, land and simultaneously affecting irrigation, communication, agriculture, power projects and urban and rural settlements.

The challenge for the government and non-government organizations is to make emergency response, relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction responsive to the needs of the people and also to empower the communities to deal with such catastrophes. SPADO undertook different interventions such as provision of emergency items, child protection, education and relief and rehabilitation projects to the communities associated with the organization in previous peacebuilding and development projects. In this regard, SPADO responded during three major crises;

1. 2005 Earthquake
2. 2010 Floods
3. Ongoing Displacement Crisis Since 2008

Emergency Response Projects

Improving Disaster Preparedness
Protection Of Children In Armed Conflicts
Mine Risk Education
Relief Rehabilitation And Disaster Management
Emergency Response, Relief And Development