SPADO has worked as implementing Partner of UNICEF in education in earthquake affected areas of Pakistan.

Main objectives:

  • In the targeted 61 government schools 80% of children who were in school before the earth quake return to school.
  • At least 30% of school aged children with special focus on girls who were not enrolled before the earthquake are attending school regularly in the targeted schools.
  • Education facilities in the earthquake affected areas are functional: there is a physical infrastructure, supplies and personnel available, and the staff has appropriate knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviors necessary to provide quality education.
  • The quality of teaching is enhanced beyond pre-earthquake levels as reflected in the use of effective learner – centered inclusive teaching strategies through teacher training, the provision of learning materials to all students and the use of relevant teaching and learning activities.

Following were the main activities of the project:

  • Needs Assessment Survey of Schools
  • Distribution of school Material in girls’ and boys’ primary schools
  • Enrollment Drives
  • Imams/Mosque Campaign
  • Interactive Awareness and Advocacy Session
  • Children Days
  • Community Mobilization & Participation
  • School Environment Improvement
  • Parents Teachers Council Reactivation
  • Development of School Improvement Plans
  • Focus Group meetings
  • Training Need Assessments (TNAs)
  • Sports, Debates etc competitions
  • Teachers trainings