SPADO is working as implementing Partner of British Council in education on Take A Child to School project at District Malakand (KPK) Pakistan.

Main Activities of the TACS Project:

  • Recruitment of 160 volunteers/ILM Bassadors.
  • Capacity building workshops Delivery.
  • Community Mobilization & participation.
  • Formation of Mohalla committees (Influential people of the community).
  • Door to door assessment for identification of out of school children.
  • Enrollment drives.
  • Monitoring of enrolled children attendance for maintaining their retention in schools.

The main objectives of the project:

  • To significantly reduce the number of children who are missing out on their Right to Education in Malakand District.
  • To aware every child, parent and teacher about the child right to education.
  • To convey the message of (Article 25A) to aware the Community about the constitution, that in Pakistan every child is entitled to free and essential education.
  • Identification of 2600 out of school children in rural and urban areas of District Malakand.
  • To convince parents to enrol these children through advocacy and awareness raising.
  • Engage and retain them in schools.
  • Ensure their learning and progress.
  • Formation of 5 Mohalla committees from the concerned community. Who will be responsible for the facilitating access to communities, providing support for enrollments campaigns, Developing relations with schools and government line agencies, working with in communities to resolve issues that Ilm-bassadors faces whilst convincing parents by advocating for education.

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