Weak governance in developing countries has led to terrorism, illiteracy, economic tension and environmental degradation. Yet in Pakistan promotion of good governance has remained hidden behind other priorities. Keeping this in view, SPADO believes that good governance is the key component of a country’s economic and human progress. As, it leads to a just system containing effective and accountable institutions, genuine participation of citizens in policy planning and making, accountability and transparency of government officials and better relation between citizens and government.

SPADO being a peacebuilding organization repeatedly highlights that interventions for the promotion of good governance can resolve the underlying causes of the malaise of extremism and unrest in the country. The grievance of citizens could be resolved through introducing best practices in governance. It is only through the good governance that all citizens could have equal access to resources.

Thus, Organization’s interventions are aimed at effective service delivery to the citizen’s especially marginalized, poor and local communities and also bridge government, civil society and citizens to ensure accountably and transparency.

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Good Governance Projects

Improved Governance For Peacebuilding In KPK