Developing a Network of Conflict Resolution Mediators

SPADO is currently managing a network of civil society activists comprising representatives of NGOs, religious scholars, political activists, academia and media representatives. The capacity building of the network comprising forty members was undertaken on lines of conflict analysis, mediation, dialogues, negotiation and communication and problem solving skills with the technical expertise of United States Institute of Peace (USIP) in 2009 for representatives of ...


Conflict Resolution

Identifying Barriers And Opportunities For Peacebuilding Across The Border

There is a dire need to support the initiatives of the government at civil society level as lack of civil society involvement in addressing the issues of peace and conflict resolutions is one of the important element missing in the war against extremism and violence in this part of the world. SPADO being a civil society organization is addressing the issues of sectarian extremism, intolerance and pluralism through the active and practical participation of religiou...