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Keeping in view the leading role of Pakistan to have a legally binding law on Autonomous Weapons and a supportive environment in the region to address the issue, a regional meeting inviting members of the campaign and other relevant organizations will be held on 9-10 December, 2019. The main objectives of the regional meeting is to:

  • To discuss and share information and experiences regarding the current and future work on LAWs
  • To generate more regional support for a legally binding instrument  on LAWs
  • To explore and promote cooperation mechanisms in the region that could support the goals of the campaign
  • To build momentum in the region and highlight the issue at the national and regional levels through the engagement of media.

The two days regional meeting will bring together the South and Central Asian Campaigners, diplomats, practitioners and government officials along with staff of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

For more information please contact

Raza Shah Khan

Chief Executive
SPADO and Spokesperson of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots
Phone: +92 51 2293659, +92 300 9598429

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