Stop The Future Pandemic of Killer Robots

It Could Spread Much Faster Than


Stop Killer Robots

The campaign is all about stopping the development of autonomous robots. The development of such autonomous weapons would be cataclysmically destabilizing the society, and there is a need to immediately stop such developments. Use of AI in warfare tech is politically unacceptable and morally violating. The resources being used in development of robots can be effectively used to serve humanity in the sectors of health, education, environment and so no…

The aim of this campaign is:

  1. To highlight the threats and devastating effects of Killer robots on humanity if developed and deployed.
  2. To engage public and policy makers and build a strong momentum towards a legally binding treaty banning killer robots
  3. To contribute towards a global dialogue on effectively addressing the growing concerns related to killer robots.

Its More Dangerous Than Covid-19 Pandemic

Everything in life was normal before coronavirus outbreak and within no time it spread across the world resulting in strict lockdowns, closing of borders and increased insecurity. Nobody was expecting such pandemic at first place. But it happened.

Killer Robots, if came into existence and join the battle filed, they will create another pandemic which would be uncontrollable and bring devastating impact. Fully autonomous robots will take the human out of loop and make the decision about when, where, who and how to attack.

What You Can Do?

Tell the world the solid reasons to stop development of killer robots. Spread awareness and show your support in order to build a strong momentum towards a legally binding treaty banning killer robots.
Sign this petition to save the humanity. Visit the Campaign to stop killer robots and donate to the cause.

Growing Concerns Related To Autonomous Weapons

The campaign to stop killer robots is all about stop developing autonomous robots, a killing Pandemic. The ban agreement should be enforced via national laws and all countries need to establish meaningful control over the use of force.  Read More

Killer Robots Supporters Argument

Supporters of autonomous weapons are of the view that they will bring efficiency to the battlefield and operate in environments with insecure communications, save lives by reducing human soldiers, and increase targeting accuracy.  Read More

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