Youth for Peace is an initiative of SPADO striving for a non-violent and peaceful world. The main objective of involving youth in the campaign is to prepare young individuals to play a leadership role in future and to keep them abreast of the global peace and security situations. From the platform of SPADO youth, the members not only interact with youth at local and national level but at the same time they share information with the youth of other countries and cultures.
The overall vision of the initiative is to strive for a non-violent and peaceful society through the active and practical participation of youth.

The following are the key activities of the initiative:

  • Memberships and Networking
  • Establishment of Peace Forums
  • Youth for Peace Website and Discussion Forums
  • Active Participation in SPADO awareness and Lobbying Activities related to peace, landmines and small arms
  • Sports Events, Art Competitions and Moral Dramas
  • Social Gatherings, Youth Seminars in Colleges and Universities
  • Awareness Workshops
  • Interaction with Media
  • Exhibitions
  • Community Gatherings

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