With the vision to create and identify opportunities and platforms for the youth to make them an active agents of peace in Bahwalpur, Sustainable Peace & Development Organization (SPADO) implemented a project called “Youth engagement and capacity building for a peaceful Bahawalpur”. During the project cycle, initially the capacity of 200 potential youth both male and female was developed in non-violent conflict resolution, democracy and mutual co-existence. Later an advance level course was designed to develop 20 Master trainers who then delivered community based trainings to in the target areas benefiting more than 500 youth .

The youth of target areas was linked through a network utilizing their potentials in a positive and productive way. A youth resource center was also established during the project period to provide a knowledge base to the youth, which became a continuous source of career counsoulling, skills development, advocacy and knowledge on peacebuilding. In addition, the coordination among the youth focused organizations in South Punjab and donors was strengthened through publication of a monthly newsletter and dissemination of information including linking of potential youth to relevant opportunities.

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