Project Introduction:

The National Action Plan targets terrorism financing – both direct and indirect. As per the Ministry of Information, around 200 Billion rupees is donated in name of Sadqaat and Zakat yearly which makes about 1% of country’s GDP, with banned outfits collecting around 30-35% of the 200 billion rupees. Particularly during the month of Ramzan, as well as during Eid-ul-Azha, VE groups raise funds through proceeds from sales of hides and skins of sacrificed animals, at times even forcibly. Keeping in view the economy and population of the city, even small donations sum up to make a huge amount and could be used against the residents of the city. In order to push back against illicit contributions to VE groups, unintentional or otherwise, Sustainable Peace and Development Organization (SPADO) with the support of Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI) has been implementing a project in Karachi. The project brought together local authorities, communities, particularly youth to raise awareness on safe charity practices and safer communities in six districts of Karachi. The main components of the project were awareness sessions on safe charity practices along with public service announcements and public service messaging. SPADO focused primarily on key stakeholders in communities (youth, business community, community leaders and local government officials) at district level. The idea was brought to the grass root by mobilizing youth to conduct awareness sessions at a neighborhood level in all six districts of Karachi.

Project Presentation:

TV Campaign Messages:

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