The violent conflict in Malakand and FATA put devastating impacts on the lives of the people where millions were displaced and homes and infrastructure destroyed. Children were the most to suffer who were exposed to protection issues such as abuse, child Labor, child marriages, and separation from their families, exposure to landmines, loss of education opportunities, and exposure to health hazards as well as severe psychological complexities. SPADO, together with UNICEF endeavored to address the child protection issues in armed conflict affected areas. For this purpose, a comprehensive project was designed and launched in 10 Unions Councils, which on completion was extended to Matta, the most conflict affected Tehsil.

  • Establishment/Strengthening of Community Child Protection Committees
  • Establishment of Community-Based Child
  • Protection Centers
  • Advocacy and awareness creation on the situation of children affected by conflict and floods
  • Establishment of a monitoring Establishment of and provision of protective and rehabilitative services through community-based child protection referral mechanisms
  • Reporting mechanism on violations of children’s rights

Similar projects were also implemented in the IDPs camps of Kacha Gari and Jalozai and more importantly after the earthquake in the district Battagram including the Allai Tehsil. The main purpose of the projects was to ensure a protective environment for internally displaced girls and boys, and to prevent exploitation through prevention.

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