SPADO with the financial support of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) and KFW initiated this project with the purpose to improve the life standards of people and reduce their poverty and vulnerability. MC- 2 Prang is the targeted location of this project where majority of people are below poverty line and further their vulnerability was increased by severe flood in 2010.

The project mainly focuses on two broad areas i.e.

a) Community Physical Infrastructure: CPI providing the services of sanitation, clean drinking water facilities, irrigation channels, flood protection walls, street pavements, and bridges etc to provide them basic infrastructure and water and sanitation facilities. At the moment SPADO has successfully completed 25 CPI schemes which consist of 8 schemes of Hand pumps, 7 irrigation and 10 schemes of street pavements. Another 26 schemes are underway in the targeted union council.

b) Human Institutional Development: At initial stage SPADO is in the process of formation of Community Organizations (COs) and strengthening with a series of community training like Community Management & Skill Trainings (CMST) etc. At the moment SPADO have successfully formed 76 COs which includes 43 Male COs and 33 Women COs.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project necessary meetings with line department as well as with community was held successfully. Further an in-depth situational assessment was carried out which helped the project team to reach out to the most deserving people as well as prioritized areas for project activities.

Further Village Development Plan were made and executed with the help of formed COs members, community elders, religious leaders and other stakeholders of village.