Youth Engagement
Youth for Peace is an initiative of SPADO for a non violent and peaceful world. SPADO is inviting youth to involve them in its peace related activities. SPADO youth will participate in awareness activities like seminars, conferences, sports events, exhibition and workshops. The main objective of involving youth in the campaign is to prepare young individuals to play a leadership role in future and to keep them abreast of the global peace and security situations. From the platform of SPADO youth, the members will not only interact with friends at local and national level but at the same time they will share information with the youth of other countries and cultures. The overall vision of the initiative is to strive for a non-violent and peaceful society through the active and practical participation of youth.

Aims and Objectives:
• Strive for a non violent and peaceful society through the active practical participation of youth.
• Prepare young individuals to play a leadership role in future and to keep them abreast of the global peace and security situations.
• To bring young people of different countries into meaningful contact with each other
• To permit the sharing of ideas and cultural view points
• To promote international understanding and goodwill, and to work toward the goals of a peaceful world and human understanding
• To develop leadership potential in outstanding youth

Activities of SPADO Youth Include:
• Memberships and Networking
• Establishment of Peace Forums
• Youth for Peace Website and Discussion Forums
• Active Participation in SPADO awareness and Lobbying Activities related to peace, landmines and small arms
• Sports Events, Art Competitions and Moral Dramas
• Social Gatherings, Youth Seminars in Colleges and Universities
• Awareness Workshops
• Interaction with Media
• Exhibitions
• Community Gatherings

“Youth for Peace” has organized activities including Seminars, Workshops, sports events religious scholars workshops, landmine Poster competition, Media Orientation sessions and press conferences related to Peace, Landmines and Small Arms issues in Pakistan. Youth for Peace had also organized the awareness and networking activities and have got the membership of thousands of youth throughout Pakistan.
“Youth for Peace” were actively involved in providing relief services to the earthquake affected areas of Kashmir and NWFP.
SPADO Youth visited various locations in Kashmir , Battgram, Shangla and Balakot to access the situation and after consultations with the local communities provided the most needed relief goods. They played a remarkable role to distribute the relief goods directly to the local communities in earthquake affected areas. SPADO Youth distributed tents and blankets to those who are compelled to spend their lives under open sky in cold weather.


Pak-Afghan Youth Council
The relations between the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan have been volatile in the recent years. Due to constant allegations on one another the general public has also developed mistrust. The youth in these countries are the most easily exploited segment of the society. The long Afghan war and later on the unrest in Afghanistan and Pakistan have also contributed into a violent culture and intolerant societies. SPADO being a peace and development organization conceived the idea of the establishment of a Pak-Afghan Youth Council and in collaboration and financial support of British High Commission in Islamabad initiated the project. 



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