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Wheel Chairs and Hearing Aids Distribution for PWDs
Distribution of Clothes in Flood Affected Area (Marghuzaar Valley, Swat) with the Support of UNICEF
Distribution of Hearing-Aid Devices at Swat with the support of UNICEF
Distribution Of Aqua Tab (Water Purification Tablets) With The Support Of MAG
Distribution of Wheel Chairs and Hearing-Aid Devices at Jalozai Camp with support of UNICEF Pakistan
Shoes Distribution Among Flood Affectees Of Nowshera

Distribution of Food Items In Nowshera

Flood Relief Distribution in Union Council - Kalu Khan

Village Kalu khan

Union Council Ismaila

Village Colonel Sher Khan Killi

Union Council Wise Beneficiaries

Distribution of Relief Items for Disable Children

Distribution of Hearing Devices in Swat

Distribution of Wheel Chairs in Swat

Shoes Distribution Report Kacha Garhi IDPs Camp

Wheel Chairs Distribution Jalozai Camp

October 8, 2009 Earthquake


Wheel Chairs and Hearing Aids Distribution for PWDs : For Persons with disabilities (Jalozai Camp)
People with disabilities are invisible citizens mostly unseen and unheard in schools, on buses, in the workplace and restaurants .They are not only unseen on individual level but no heed has been given to them on institutional level. Few years back there was no understanding even, about this segment of society and to facilitate them with an unusual focus. Disability "summarizes a great number of different functional limitations occurring in any population in any country of the world. People may be disabled by physical, intellectual or sensory impairment, medical conditions or mental illness. The UN estimates that there are 500 million persons with disabilities in the world today. In Pakistan, the estimated 15 million of its population may be categorized as persons with disabilities, of whom about2.82 million are below the age of 18 years. But the aforementioned data is a rough estimate and the actual figures are supposed to be even higher than this. The other useful rough figures about disability in Pakistan are +18: are- 2.402-m); visual impaired 1.41-m and 1.201-m; hearing impaired: 0.705 and 0.6-m; mental disability: 1.41-m and 1.201-m. these people represent the 10% of the whole Pakistan population. 77% of the people with disabilities have no access to education. 66% of the people with disabilities live in rural areas .Women with disabilities are twice as more likely to be abused than women without disabilities .Disability may be genetically pre-determined or may be caused by environmental conditions such as poverty, violence, unsafe working conditions, malnutrition, poor health care, lack of sanitation, neglect or abuse .The rate of literacy among people with disabilities is 24% use.70% of the people with disabilities are unemployed.


Keeping in view the sufferings and the current situation of PWDs, SPADO is serving this vulnerable segment of society in various parts of FATA and KPK. The organization has carried out various projects through participatory approaches. The services of the organization have been acknowledged and appreciated globally especially in child protection, Mine risk education and Serving the persons with disabilities. The organization is serving Persons with disabilities around the country through various projects and activities. The organization has its awareness campaigns against land mines which are one of the many causes of disabilities around the globe.
SPADO has launched many an efforts to assist Persons with disabilities.

Initiation of the KM project in collaboration with LCDDP in District Swat to assist around 200 of PWDs through grants to initiate small businesses, different skill based and livelihood trainings, distributing wheel chairs and other helping devices among the PWDs in Swat.
SPADO is the member and focal point for International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and Cluster Munitions Coalition (CMC). It has performed its role in the campaign against small arms and land mines which are one of the many causes of disability around the globe. SPADO, in coordination with the aforementioned forums, has its dedication to ensure and promote the top mandate of disability rights. The approach to carry out the task is to discuss the rights of persons with disability, With Government at Policy level and through advocacies on national level too.
In 2008, SPADO launched an intervention, focusing persons with disability at various IDP Camps targeting 245 persons with disability and carried out the task successfully. In the process, wheel chairs, hearing aids and other motivating tools were distributed among persons with disability.
In 2009 again, SPADO had its focus upon this segment of society and through various interventions in many parts of the country especially in FATA, remained intact with 325 persons with disability. The facilitation efforts proved very helpful to motivate these persons towards the start of a new life.
In 2010, SPADO further expanded its efforts to be intact with these persons with disability and facilitated about 538 persons through various interventions. As the implementation, about 200 wheel chairs and hearing aids were distributed in District Swat and many other parts of KPK and FATA.
The journey has not taken an end yet. SPADO has its plans to expand its efforts further in 2011 in this regard and help as much as 1000 families of persons with disability in the calendar year.


Efforts in the Jalozai camp
The recent years have seen the great influx of the IDPs from various parts of FATA towards the settled areas accompanying with thousands of Persons with disabilities. The fight between militants and Pakistan army was one of the great reasons of such a great proportion of disability side by side with malnutrition in Bajowr and the adjacent conflict affected areas.
Just after the arrival of IDPs in Jalozai camp, SPADO geared up to facilitate the IDPs in the camp through various programs keeping an eye on persons with disabilities.
The organization commenced the activities through establishing child friendly spaces in the camp and ensured the representation of children with disabilities in the activities. Activities focusing the children with disabilities are the part of the work plan and special facilitation of such children has been carried out throughout the intervention.
Having a particular focus on these children, the organization arranges especial facilitation programs like wheel chair and hearing devices distributions among the disable children. (The details have been provided under the heading “SPADO and PWDs”)
The under discussion event takes place on 31st March 2011. The Children with Disabilities in jalozai camp are beneath the open skies waiting the peace to be restored. The conflict has left them with disabilities and these are the harsh days for these children but SPADO is in the field, committed to assist them. The organization distributed 07 wheel chairs and 02 hearing aids with collaboration of Unicef and arranges 03 hearing aids as its own contribution to the cause disables facilitation.
SPADO carried out a careful assessment in the camp and collected data about the disable children. The collected names of the beneficiaries were evaluated and verified within the team. As a process the child Protection Committees and child protection groups were also in hand. Because of the limited numbers of assistance available, the organization prioritized the beneficiaries on case to case intensity and need level. The list of beneficiaries is attached with the document.
Mr. Ayyub the camp Administrator was the chief guest of the event. He in his speech appreciated the efforts of SPADO and hoped for the rest of the children to be provided with wheel chairs and hearing aids. He in his remarks added that the example has been set and just demands to be followed in future. He said that SPADO has keen observation of the situation in the camp being the leading contributors in both child protection and disability sector. The organization has set such examples in the past too and thanked SPADO on behalf of camp administration. SPADO CP Jalozai coordinator, in his remarks expressed the commitment of the team to further facilitate the PWDs.


The organization is further committed to strengthen the efforts through other interventions and to help this segment of society to get more of them and to utilize their energies in a more effective way. Activities to enhance the capacities of persons with disabilities will be initiated this year in the context.


Distribution of Clothes in Flood Affected Area (Marghuzaar Valley, Swat) With The Support Of UNICEF

Flash Flood of July / August 2010 played havoc in the lives of conflict-stricken people of Swat valley, Wrath of water gulped-away the houses, bridges, orchids and agricultural lands, most part of the valley cut off with only aerial accessibility. Many  villages are removed from the bottom and the occupants narrowly escaped and lost every possession in the houses. Particularly the Marghuzzar valley saw unprecedented destruction and the people after losing homes are in a state of quandary.

In such like catastrophic situation SPADO's Community Child Protection Centers played a vital role in the provision of Fls, NFls and psychosocial support to the vulnerable children can be easily linked to services and provision of their basic needs can also be ensured.

Clothes Distribution: Clothes were distributed among those children whose houses were washed away by the flood water. Total 510 suits were distributed among the flood affected children in Marghuzzar valley. This was in response of the winterization, that is winter season has set-in most parts of Swat valley. Due to which, people are prone to many diseases and vulnerabilities. These clothes will provide some relief to the flood affected children.

Children were given clothes according to their gender and age. The distribution took place in Marghuzzar valley. SPADO staff from Child Protection Project Swat was involved in the distribution of warm clothes.
These clothes were provided by UNICEF (donor partner) to SPADO (Implementing Partner). The whole activity was carried out by SPADO staff after receiving the clothes and identification of number of vulnerable children in Marghuzzar Swat.


Distribution of Hearing-Aid Devices at Swat With The Support Of UNICEF
Sustainable Peace and Development Organization (SPADO) is working on Child Protection in District Swat to provide Psycho-social Support to the children and provide recreational facilities in the armed conflict area to make them come to the normal routine life.
In this regard, SPADO arranged a hearing devices distribution ceremony at its Swat Office. SPADO arranged 25 hearing devices for the vulnerable children identified by our staff members and verified by the doctors. This ceremony was arranged on Friday 22nd October, 2010. These devices were provided by UNICEF to SPADO. The children were invited along with their parents/guardians to SPADO Office, Swat. The ceremony started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. After recitation the program was formally started in an organized manner.
Mr. Hameed Khan, District Officer Social Welfare Department, was the chief guest for the ceremony; along with him Child Protection Unit staff and the SPADO Officials were also present on this occasion. Total 25 hearing devices were distributed among the deserved and vulnerable children. These devices were distributed District Officer Social Welfare Department Mr. Hameed khan. Project Coordinators were also present on the occasion and assisted in distribution. In his speech, the chief guest Hameed Khan told the participants that the Social
Welfare Department is carrying out these activities with the help of some NGOs and if they are not here we may not distribute these hearing aids as the government is not having enough resources to assist all the children. At the end of his remarks he thanked participants and pledged that they will continue such type of activities in the future as well.



Distribution Of Aqua Tab (Water Purification Tablets) With The Support Of MAG

SPADO (Sustainable Peace and Development Organization), has been providing relief through distribution of day to day use items such food and non.food items, wheel chairs as well as hearing devices to the people affected by the floods of July/August 2010. From the very outset of the floods, SPADO has been involved in relief activities in order to serve the most vulnerable people. A number of surveys have been conducted to identify the needs of the flood affectees. Over 20 million people have been affected by the flash floods throughout the country. In KPK only, about 1089 people lost their lives. SPADO`s relief activities not only involve distribution of food and non-food items but provision of psychosocial support, educational and recreational activities to the children and women.
Similarly, SPADO has distributed AQUA-TABS (water purification tablets) provided by MAG (Mines Advisory group) International. MAG is a humanitarian organization clearing the remnants of conflicts for the benefit of community worldwide. Ten cottons (each including 50,000 tablets) were distributed among flood affected areas of Swat, D.I Khan, Charsadda, Nowshera and Tank. Thus SPADO distributed five hundred thousand (500,000) tablets. The SPADO staff was involved in the distribution of these tablets on their own, plus SPADO also distributed these tablets in collaboration with other Non-government Organizations like Shajare Ilm and IRSP.


Need of distribution of Aqua-Tab:
Due to the recent floods, water became contaminated and there was no safe drinking water available to the flood affectees. Water borne diseases such as diarrhea, malaria and cholera etc. become very common as a result of use of contaminated water. One possible solution is the use of water purification tablets in order to kill the germs present in water. For this, SPADO took the initiative of distributing of water purification tablets called Aquatab. The use of these tablets kills the germs and water become safe for usage/drinking. The use of Aquatab reduces the chances of these water borne diseases and thus is helpful in saving expenses on medication etc.

Distribution by SPADO:
SPADO under its own staff`s supervision distributed 3, 88,0000 tablets inn areas of Swat, D.I.Khhan, Tank, Charsaddda and Nowsshera.

Distribution in collaboration with other organizations:
SPADO also provided these tablets to other organizations to be distributed.
Shajare IIlm distributed 12000 tablets in districts of Swatt and D.I.Khaan.
IRSP (Integrated Regional Support Program ) was provided with 1000,000 tablets in order to be distributed at District Nowshera. The distribution of Aquatab in UC Amankot, Chokidrab, UC Mohib Banda, and Baanda Sheikh Ismail was facilitated b y IRSP staff members.



Distribution of Wheel Chairs and Hearing-Aid Devices at Jalozai Camp With Support Of UNICEF
Sustainable Peace and Development Organization (SPADO) has been working at Jalozai camp since April 2009. Its Child Protection Project is running and children are being provided protection and relief with different activities such as psychosocial support, counseling, games and education facilities etc. similarly, SPADO in the aftermath of the July / August floods have distributed shoes and FIs & NFIs at Jalozai camp.
On October 13th 2010, SPADO distributed Wheel Chairs and Hearing Aid Devices among the children of Jalozai camp. Seven disabled children received wheel chairs whereas six children were given away hearing aid devices.
These devices were provided by UNICEF (donor partner) and distributed by SPADO (implementing partner) Child Protection staff at Jalozai camp. Mr. Arbab Arshad - camp In charge of Jalozai was present on the occasion as the chief guest.


The incharge of Jalozai Camp, Mr. Arbab Arshad, distributed the wheel chairs and hearing aid devices among the needy children. In his speech during the distribution, he appreciated the efforts of SPADO in providing relief to the affected children through distribution of wheel chairs and hearing aid devices. He pledged SPADO to continue with its efforts to work for the betterment of the society and provision of necessities of life to the vulnerable people.

Wheel chairs:
Seven disabled children were provided with wheel chairs during the distribution. Most of the children were in the age range of 5 to 12 years.

Hearing-aid devices:
Some children were having problem in hearing. They needed electronic devices in order to be able to hear properly. Six children received hearing aid devices that will help them in boosting their ability to listen clearly.



Shoes Distribution Among Flood Affectees Of Nowshera
SPADO (Sustainable Peace and Development Organization), has been providing relief through distribution of Food and Non-Food Items to the people affected by the recent floods. Over 14million people have been affected by the flash floods through out the country. SPADO, after a quick survey, distributed shoes in District Nowshera (Pabbi and Risalpur) on 15th August 2010.
The distribution of 2256 pairs of shoes, among children was arranged by SPADO with the support of UNICEF.
SPADO being the implementing partner of UNICEF was assigned the task of shoes distribution. The children who received the shoes were those who were extremely vulnerable. The receivers of shoes were overjoyed and they intend to wear these shoes on the occasion of the upcoming Eid ul Fitr. A total of 147 curtains of shoes, each curtain having 18 pairs (and some having 12pairs) were provided by UNICEF.
UNICEF team visited the distribution points and monitored the whole activity. The visitors showed satisfaction over the distribution of shoes among poor displaced children of the flood affected areas.
The teams of Child Protection Facilitators and Child Protection Monitors were involved in distribution at the following points:
1. Government Girls Degree College Pabbi
2. Government Higher Secondary School Risalpur
3. Kandar ii Camp opposite Technical College Risalpur
4. Government High School Pabbi
5. Government Degree College Pabbi & 6. Cenna Public School


Distribution  of Food Items In Nowshera
An estimated 14million people have been affected by the devastating floods through out Pakistan. Keeping in view the needs of the flood affected people, SPADO after a quick flood assessment, distributed Food Items in Qasim Ali Baig, Nowshera on 3rd August 2010.
The distribution of food items in Qasim Ali Baig included bread, milk, juices and biscuits etc for over 700 individuals. Some 175 families benefited from this distribution. It must be noted that this arrangement was done on self-support basis and no help was sought from donors.
SPADO staff members are engaged full time in relief activities as well as fund raising in personal capacity. SPADO also intends to distribute shoes in the flood hit areas of Nowshera on or before 14th of August 2010.


Flood Relief Distribution in Union Council - Kalu Khan
Heavy rainfall caused flash floods originating from the Karamar Mountains in Swabi and Mardan Districts in North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Pakistan. The total numbers of affected people remain undetermined. According to various sources, there are reports of 27 deaths, nine people missing, and estimated 400-450 houses destroyed along with massive losses to crops and livestock.
The most affected Union Councils were Ismaila, Kalu Khan and Adina in Swabi District and Shahbaz Garhi and Garyala in Mardan District. The District Administration in Swabi has declared a state of emergency in Adina, Ismaila and Kalu Khan Union Councils.

As the water swept through the villages, the roofs of mud houses collapsed and caused the majority of the deaths. Concrete houses were also affected by this flow of fresh water.
The flood waters submerged the cultivated land in these regions and much of maize, rice, sugarcane and tobacco crops were destroyed. Livestock was washed away and drowned. In addition, valuables in homes were completely swept away and stored grains in houses were destroyed.

Rapid Assessment in Flood Affected Areas:
SPADO Team did Rapid assessment in the flood affected areas of Swabi. The visits were made in the areas of UC Kalu Khan, UC Adina, UC Ismaila, UC Shahbaz Garhi, and UC Bala Garhi.

Following recommendation were made by the rapid assessment team SPADO.
• Shelters/Tents are required immediately.
• Food Items are required in the flood affected UCs on urgent basis.
• Non food items are required.
• Medicines for infectious diseases are urgently required.
• Purified drinking water is required.



Village Kalu khan

Damages Recorded:
• One girls primary school, girls middle school in jungle khel, and girls higher secondary school buildings were seriously got damaged.
• A newly constructed bridge between Kalu Khan and Khat Killi was washed
away by flood water.
• 270 houses are completely destroyed, 600 houses partially destroyed. While 1600 families are affected by flood water.
• 75% crops of maize, rice, sugar cane and tobacco were damaged by the flood water.
• Around 10 to 15 persons got injured and one 6 months old female child named Gulshan D/O Zubair died due to the sudden flow of water.


Union Council Ismaila
The population of UC Ismaila according to the 1998 census is 31247, while the current union counsel record shows that it is 40,000 around. There are 7000 families in the village and around 4000 children. There is 1 BHU in the village. There are 17 govt. primary schools in the UC in which 11 are boys and 6 are girl’s schools. One is boy’s higher secondary school, while one middle school male and one female. According to the UC record there are 14000 registered voters in the UC.

Damages Recorded:
• 173 houses were fully damaged, while 100 houses walls got damaged and 150 houses were partially damaged.
• The drinking water is fully contaminated due to flood water. While it is reported that flood water damaged the petrol pump and now the symptoms of fuel is found in the drinking water. Water born diseases is spreading in the area.
• Most of the people living in the area are farmers. All of them store their grain for other seasons. Due to the flood water all the stored grain was washed away or it was damaged and now it is of no more use.
• Live stock was washed away and droned. It is reported that 58 cows and buffalos, 38 goats and sheep’s was washes away by the flood water.
• 17 primary schools of boys and girls were severely damaged by flood water.

Village Colonel Sher Khan Killi

Special Note: 158 cartons for children clothes will be distributed in IDP’s Kacha Garhi Camp on EID occasion.

Distribution of Relief Items for Disable Children
During the recent armed conflicts in the Federally Administered Tribal areas hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians flee from their homes in search of safe places for their children and women. In such like situation children are more exposed to dangers and they are more vulnerable than adults in emergencies. Especially Children who have long-term physical or mental impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others and needs proper assistance. SPADO Child Protection Team conducted a survey in kacha Garhi IDPs camp and identified the disable children with special needs.

Screening for Vulnerable Cases
In whole Kacha Garhi IDPs camp different cases of disability were found in the camp with different needs, after screening for available relief program there were found 26 children as physically disable. And their need was identified each case was registered and a case study was formed on the basis of which items were purchased.


Distribution of Hearing Devices in Swat
As a result of our staff survey in the target Union Councils (UCs) about special children the SPADO identified 50 deserving children and verified by ENT specialists. SPADO arranged 50 hearing devices for these desrved children and a ceremony was arranged in the office of SPADO. Mr. Hamid Khan District Officer (DO), Jahanul Mulk Coordinator Child Protection Unit (CPU), Umar Khan from Aurat Foundation, Wajid From Save the Children etc were present on the occasion. Hamid Khan was the Chief Guest of the program. The children and their parents thanked SPADO at the end.

Distribution of Wheel Chairs in Swat
SPADO Staff identified the deserving team in the target community which is verified by the concerned doctor. A ceremony was arranged by the office and these children were collected in the office of SPADO along with their parents/guardians. The SPADO Staff distributed thirty (30) wheel chairs among these children. Their faces were bright due to extreme happiness. Mr. Hamid Kan DO Social Welfare was the chief guest of the event. Jahanul Mulk Coordinator CPU was also present on the occasion.

Shoes Distribution Report Kacha Garhi IDPs Camp
Due to unstable condition SPADO field team in Kacha Garhi IDPs camp identified the need of Shoes for girls and boys. Considering the need it was decided by the SPADO team that shoes should be distributed among all the residents of the camp. UNICEF supported the idea and provided shoes for the internally displaced population of Kacha Garhi camp. Mr. Arbab Arshad camp administrator, camp Shura president Mr. Qazi Siraj and SPADO team members participated in the distribution ceremony.


Wheel Chairs Distribution Jalozai Camp
The increasing insurgency and rapidly deteriorating security situation in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) forced the Pakistan Army to start a military operation against the miscreants. As a result of this armed conflict a large percentage of population from the tribal areas in North West Pakistan were forced to flee their villages and move into more secure areas.
SPADO, for the welfare of IDPs from Mohmand and Bajawar Agencies, is working as an implementing partner of UNICEF on issues of child protection in Jalozai camp. The said project is named as “Child Protection in Emergencies”. The geographical focus of this project is estate 1, estate 2 and KG 2 of Jalozai camp.
SPADO with the aim to facilitate the vulnerable children in Jalozai camp distributed 12 wheel chairs in disabled children with support from UNICEF. SPADO’s CPMs conducted a survey and had identified these children and had referred them to health facilities (Merlin), where they were prescribed wheel chairs by the doctors.
At the event, on 14th June, 2010, camp administration was also present on invitation of SPADO’s child protection coordinator. Mr. Arbab Arshad (Deputy Chief Coordinator Camp) was the guest of honor. He recognized and appreciated SPADO’s efforts. He stated that SPADO has been dedicatedly playing a role in this regard and thanked the organization on behalf of camp administration.
12 wheel chairs were distributed among 8 boys and 4 girls. The parents/guardians of these children said that they had consulted other forums regarding the issue too but unfortunately they were not assisted but were now thankful to SPADO’s efforts and provision of wheel chairs.
The news of this event was also covered by AVT Khyber in its news strip on the very day.


October 8, 2009 Earthquake
Just after the October 8, 2009 Earthquake in Azad Kashmir and the northern areas of Pakistan, SPADO responded swiftly and deported its teams to the affected areas in Kashmir and NWFP. SPADO staff especially the youth network played a remarkable role in providing relief goods like blankets, plastic sheets, tents, water coolers and quilts. SPADO prioritized to reach the remote areas and villages where affected people were in dire need of emergency relief and in this regard the relief goods were provided to the neediest and vulnerable communities in the far flung areas of Kashmir and NWFP. Till now SPADO is actively involved in the reconstruction and rehabilitation in the earthquake affected areas.

● Emergency and Relief in the Earthquake affected areas in collaboration with Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC).
● Relief Activities in the Earthquake affected areas in partnership with Association of Aid and Relief Japan (AAR Japan)
● Health and Hygiene Promotion in Collaboration with JVC
● Village Latrine Project (For Houses, Temporary tent structure) in Collaboration with JVC
● Welcome to School Campaign with UNICEF in collaboration with JVC
● Village Latrines (for Houses) in collaboration with JVC



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