SPADO (Sustainable Peace and Development Organization), has been providing relief through distribution of Food and Non-Food Items to the people affected by the recent floods. Over 14million people have been affected by the flash floods through out the country. SPADO, after a quick survey, distributed shoes in District Nowshera (Pabbi and Risalpur) on 15th August 2010.

The distribution of 2256 pairs of shoes, among children was arranged by SPADO with the support of UNICEF.

SPADO being the implementing partner of UNICEF was assigned the task of shoes distribution. The children who received the shoes were those who were extremely vulnerable. The receivers of shoes were overjoyed and they intend to wear these shoes on the occasion of the upcoming Eid ul Fitr. A total of 147 curtains of shoes, each curtain having 18 pairs (and some having 12pairs) were provided by UNICEF.

UNICEF team visited the distribution points and monitored the whole activity. The visitors showed satisfaction over the distribution of shoes among poor displaced children of the flood affected areas.

The teams of Child Protection Facilitators and Child Protection Monitors were involved in distribution at the following points:

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[li-row]Government Girls Degree College Pabbi[/li-row]
[li-row]Government Higher Secondary School Risalpur[/li-row]
[li-row]Kandar ii Camp opposite Technical College Risalpur[/li-row]
[li-row]Government High School Pabbi[/li-row]
[li-row]Government Degree College Pabbi & 6. Cenna Public School[/li-row][/list-ul]