SPADO Team did Rapid assessment in the flood affected areas of Swabi. The visits were made in the areas of UC Kalu Khan, UC Adina, UC Ismaila, UC Shahbaz Garhi, and UC Bala Garhi.

Following recommendation were made by the rapid assessment team SPADO.

  • Shelters/Tents are required immediately.
  • Food Items are required in the flood affected UCs on urgent basis.
  • Non food items are required.
  • Medicines for infectious diseases are urgently required.
  • Purified drinking water is required.

Village Kalu khan


Damages Recorded:
  • One girls primary school, girls middle school in jungle khel, and girls higher secondary school buildings were seriously got damaged.
  • A newly constructed bridge between Kalu Khan and Khat Killi was washed away by flood water.
  • 270 houses are completely destroyed, 600 houses partially destroyed. While 1600 families are affected by flood water.
  • 75% crops of maize, rice, sugar cane and tobacco were damaged by the flood water.
  • Around 10 to 15 persons got injured and one 6 months old female child named Gulshan D/O Zubair died due to the sudden flow of water.


Union Council Ismaila

The population of UC Ismaila according to the 1998 census is 31247, while the current union counsel record shows that it is 40,000 around. There are 7000 families in the village and around 4000 children. There is 1 BHU in the village. There are 17 govt. primary schools in the UC in which 11 are boys and 6 are girl’s schools. One is boy’s higher secondary school, while one middle school male and one female. According to the UC record there are 14000 registered voters in the UC.

Damages Recorded

  • 173 houses were fully damaged, while 100 houses walls got damaged and 150 houses were partially damaged.
  • The drinking water is fully contaminated due to flood water. While it is reported that flood water damaged the petrol pump and now the symptoms of fuel is found in the drinking water. Water born diseases is spreading in the area.
  • Most of the people living in the area are farmers. All of them store their grain for other seasons. Due to the flood water all the stored grain was washed away or it was damaged and now it is of no more use.
  • Live stock was washed away and droned. It is reported that 58 cows and buffalos, 38 goats and sheep’s was washes away by the flood water.
  • 17 primary schools of boys and girls were severely damaged by flood water.


Village Colonel Sher Khan Killi

Special Note: 158 cartons for children clothes will be distributed in IDP’s Kacha Garhi Camp on EID occasion.