Just after the October 8, 2005 Earthquake in Azad Kashmir and the northern areas of Pakistan, SPADO responded swiftly and deported its teams to the affected areas in Kashmir and NWFP. SPADO staff especially the youth network played a remarkable role in providing relief goods like blankets, plastic sheets, tents, water coolers and quilts. SPADO prioritized to reach the remote areas and villages where affected people were in dire need of emergency relief and in this regard the relief goods were provided to the neediest and vulnerable communities in the far flung areas of Kashmir and NWFP. Till now SPADO is actively involved in the reconstruction and rehabilitation in the earthquake affected areas.

● Emergency and Relief in the Earthquake affected areas in collaboration with Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC).
● Relief Activities in the Earthquake affected areas in partnership with Association of Aid and Relief Japan (AAR Japan)
● Health and Hygiene Promotion in Collaboration with JVC
● Village Latrine Project (For Houses, Temporary tent structure) in Collaboration with JVC
● Welcome to School Campaign with UNICEF in collaboration with JVC
● Village Latrines (for Houses) in collaboration with JVC