Heavy rainfall caused flash floods originating from the Karamar Mountains in Swabi and Mardan Districts in North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Pakistan. The total numbers of affected people remain undetermined. According to various sources, there are reports of 27 deaths, nine people missing, and estimated 400-450 houses destroyed along with massive losses to crops and livestock.

The most affected Union Councils were Ismaila, Kalu Khan and Adina in Swabi District and Shahbaz Garhi and Garyala in Mardan District. The District Administration in Swabi has declared a state of emergency in Adina, Ismaila and Kalu Khan Union Councils.
As the water swept through the villages, the roofs of mud houses collapsed and caused the majority of the deaths. Concrete houses were also affected by this flow of fresh water.

The flood waters submerged the cultivated land in these regions and much of maize, rice, sugarcane and tobacco crops were destroyed. Livestock was washed away and drowned. In addition, valuables in homes were completely swept away and stored grains in houses were destroyed.