Sustainable Peace and Development Organization (SPADO) has been working at Jalozai camp since April 2009. Its Child Protection Project is running and children are being provided protection and relief with different activities such as psychosocial support, counseling, games and education facilities etc. similarly, SPADO in the aftermath of the July / August floods have distributed shoes and FIs & NFIs at Jalozai camp.

On October 13th 2010, SPADO distributed Wheel Chairs and Hearing Aid Devices among the children of Jalozai camp. Seven disabled children received wheel chairs whereas six children were given away hearing aid devices.

These devices were provided by UNICEF (donor partner) and distributed by SPADO (implementing partner) Child Protection staff at Jalozai camp. Mr. Arbab Arshad – camp In charge of Jalozai was present on the occasion as the chief guest.


The incharge of Jalozai Camp, Mr. Arbab Arshad, distributed the wheel chairs and hearing aid devices among the needy children. In his speech during the distribution, he appreciated the efforts of SPADO in providing relief to the affected children through distribution of wheel chairs and hearing aid devices. He pledged SPADO to continue with its efforts to work for the betterment of the society and provision of necessities of life to the vulnerable people.

Wheel chairs

Seven disabled children were provided with wheel chairs during the distribution. Most of the children were in the age range of 5 to 12 years.

Hearing-aid devices

Some children were having problem in hearing. They needed electronic devices in order to be able to hear properly. Six children received hearing aid devices that will help them in boosting their ability to listen clearly.