Flash Flood of July / August 2010 played havoc in the lives of conflict-stricken people of Swat valley, Wrath of water gulped-away the houses, bridges, orchids and agricultural lands, most part of the valley cut off with only aerial accessibility. Many villages are removed from the bottom and the occupants narrowly escaped and lost every possession in the houses. Particularly the Marghuzzar valley saw unprecedented destruction and the people after losing homes are in a state of quandary.

In such like catastrophic situation SPADO’s Community Child Protection Centers played a vital role in the provision of Fls, NFls and psychosocial support to the vulnerable children can be easily linked to services and provision of their basic needs can also be ensured.

Clothes Distribution

Clothes were distributed among those children whose houses were washed away by the flood water. Total 510 suits were distributed among the flood affected children in Marghuzzar valley. This was in response of the winterization, that is winter season has set-in most parts of Swat valley. Due to which, people are prone to many diseases and vulnerabilities. These clothes will provide some relief to the flood affected children.

Children were given clothes according to their gender and age. The distribution took place in Marghuzzar valley. SPADO staff from Child Protection Project Swat was involved in the distribution of warm clothes.

These clothes were provided by UNICEF (donor partner) to SPADO (Implementing Partner). The whole activity was carried out by SPADO staff after receiving the clothes and identification of number of vulnerable children in Marghuzzar Swat.