SPADO (Sustainable Peace and Development Organization), has been providing relief through distribution of day to day use items such food and items, wheel chairs as well as hearing devices to the people affected by the floods of July/August 2010. From the very outset of the floods, SPADO has been involved in relief activities in order to serve the most vulnerable people. A number of surveys have been conducted to identify the needs of the flood affectees. Over 20 million people have been affected by the flash floods throughout the country. In KPK only, about 1089 people lost their lives. SPADO`s relief activities not only involve distribution of food and non-food items but provision of psychosocial support, educational and recreational activities to the children and women.

Similarly, SPADO has distributed AQUA-TABS (water purification tablets) provided by MAG (Mines Advisory group) International. MAG is a humanitarian organization clearing the remnants of conflicts for the benefit of community worldwide. Ten cottons (each including 50,000 tablets) were distributed among flood affected areas of Swat, D.I Khan, Charsadda, Nowshera and Tank. Thus SPADO distributed five hundred thousand (500,000) tablets. The SPADO staff was involved in the distribution of these tablets on their own, plus SPADO also distributed these tablets in collaboration with other Non-government Organizations like Shajare Ilm and IRSP.

Need of distribution of Aqua-Tab

Due to the recent floods, water became contaminated and there was no safe drinking water available to the flood affectees. Water borne diseases such as diarrhea, malaria and cholera etc. become very common as a result of use of contaminated water. One possible solution is the use of water purification tablets in order to kill the germs present in water. For this, SPADO took the initiative of distributing of water purification tablets called Aquatab. The use of these tablets kills the germs and water become safe for usage/drinking. The use of Aquatab reduces the chances of these water borne diseases and thus is helpful in saving expenses on medication etc.

Distribution by SPADO

SPADO under its own staff`s supervision distributed 3, 88,0000 tablets inn areas of Swat, D.I.Khhan, Tank, Charsaddda and Nowsshera.

Distribution in collaboration with other organizations

SPADO also provided these tablets to other organizations to be distributed.
Shajare IIlm distributed 12000 tablets in districts of Swatt and D.I.Khaan.
IRSP (Integrated Regional Support Program ) was provided with 1000,000 tablets in order to be distributed at District Nowshera. The distribution of Aquatab in UC Amankot, Chokidrab, UC Mohib Banda, and Baanda Sheikh Ismail was facilitated b y IRSP staff members.