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Showcase your talent by entering this exciting competition, brought to you by Sustainable Peace And Development Organization (SPADO) in collaboration with “Campaign To Stop Killer Robots”. This art contest is dedicated to artists’ depiction of impact on human life and humanity itself by the deployment of “Fully Autonomous Lethal Weapon Systems or simply Killer Robots’.

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Over the past decade, the expanded use of unmanned armed vehicles or drones has dramatically changed warfare, bringing new humanitarian and legal challenges. Now rapid advances in technology are resulting in efforts to develop fully autonomous weapons. These robotic weapons would be able to choose and fire on targets on their own, without any human intervention. This capability would pose a fundamental challenge to the protection of civilians and to compliance with international human rights and humanitarian law.

Several nations with high-tech militaries, particularly the United States, China, Israel, South Korea, Russia, and the United Kingdom are moving toward systems that would give greater combat autonomy to machines. If one or more chooses to deploy fully autonomous weapons, a large step beyond remote-controlled armed drones, others may feel compelled to abandon policies of restraint, leading to a robotic arms race.

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is an international coalition working to preemptively ban fully autonomous weapons. SPADO officially represents the campaign in Pakistan and deliver statements and briefings on behalf of the campaign.

Contest Process & Details

For this Art Contest we will be looking for art work that depict the impact of Killer Robots on humanity due to replacing humans with fully autonomous war machines in battle fields which will select their target as per the calculations and judgment by the software they would be running by.

All the qualified submission will be displayed and promoted on SPADO Website as well as through print & social media promotional campaigns and at the official website and social media pages of “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots”. The Artist could also be asked for their artistic process and inspiration.

The judgement of top three winners and special mentions will be proceeded in two steps which will include the number of Social Media likes (likes to be count as public choice votes) and judgement of jurors which will be consisting of officials from SPADO and Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.


All entries must be submitted as digital files. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit.

Image requirements for entries: JPG files (Please try to keep the file size under 5 MB to ensure proper uploading).

All entrants should be prepared to be able to send a hi-resolution print-quality replacement file should their entry be among those selected as a winner. For publication and display purpose, these files should be 300 dpi when saved at approximately 18×23 inches.

The competition is open to artists anywhere in Pakistan working in traditional or digital media. Only original artwork, conceived and created by the entrant, will be considered. Compositions based on published material or another artists’ work are NOT considered original and are not eligible. Paintings executed in a workshop under another artist’s supervision or paintings based on another person’s photograph (even if it’s copyright-free) are NOT eligible.

All winners will be notified by 18th December 2018. The results will not otherwise be made public until they are published on our website. Non-winning entrants will not be individually notified of the results.

Entries must be submitted online at SPADO website (  by 15, December 2018 (11:59 pm +5GMT).

Submission Criteria

Traditional Media includes: Oil, oil pastel, soft pastel, charcoal, graphite, ink, colored pencil, watercolor, casein, gouache, acrylic, mixed media (all water media or oil based media); silver or other metal point, collage; mixed media collage; handmade paper; wax and other crayons on paper or board; printmaking (etching, mezzotint, lithography, woodcut, monotype, mono print, aquatint).Photography, with the exception of minor elements incorporated in a collage, will not be considered. Sculpture will not be considered.

Digital Art Work includes: Graphics, illustrations, Air brush paintings, line drawings, 3d art created with any graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Maya, Studio 3d Max, Daz 3d Studio or any 2d or 3d graphics software. Photo-manipulation or photo editing is allowed only on condition if the photograph is taken by the entrant themselves.

Achievement & Award

This contest is aimed to introduce local artists at international forums. To promote local art globally through the global platform of “Campaign To Stop Killer Robots”. The contestant will gain global exposure through this contest by contributing to a Global Campaign. The art work will widely be disseminated globally through the platform of “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots”. The art work will be displayed and presented in Visual Resource Repository of Campaign’s Global Website as well as social media pages with artist name and details.

All the final submission & winners will be awarded with certificate dully signed by SPADO and “Campaign To Stop Killer Robots”.

The Winners will also be awarded with shields mentioning their winning positions.

Contest Timeline

Submission Deadline
15th December 2018

Official Submission Announcement & Display on Website & Social medial
18th December 2018

Winner Announcement
19 December 2018

Seminar and Award Distribution
20th December 2018


SPADO and Campaign to Stop Killer Robots hold the right to reject any submission they find irrelevant.

The Contestant must agree that SPADO and Campaign to Stop Killer Robots will hold the right to publish, display, distribute, or share the submitted art work on traditional and digital mediums including print-outs, booklets, display or share at social media, websites or at events etc. anywhere in the world when ever required.

SPADO and Campaign to stop killer Robots hold the right to use submissions in campaign’s visual resources repository (artists’ name will be credited properly with their art work).

Art Submission Form

About You

Format: 0092 333 1234567
Please write your complete address with City Name
Website/ Social Media Page/ or Portfolio link

About Submission

Some quotes for reference

Fully autonomous weapons could be modified and hacked to behave in unexpected and undesirable ways

Killer Robots would not be able to distinguish between friends, foes and innocent civilians

Killer Robots cannot be held accountable for their war crimes

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