Good Governance

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Youth for Peace is an initiative of SPADO for a non violent and peaceful world. SPADO is inviting youth to involve them in its peace related activities. SPADO youth will participate in awareness activities like seminars, conferences, sports events, exhibition and workshops. The main objective of involving youth in the campaign is to prepare young individuals to play a leadership role in future and to keep them abreast of the global peace and security situations. F...


Human Rights Protection

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The people of Khyber Pukhtun Khwa (KPK) and FATA witnessed numerous violent acts in surge of terrorism especially on the Pak-afghan border. SPADO responded to the crisis and is striving to provide a protective and conducive environment to the affected children and communities in FATA and KPK. The main purpose of the intervention is to ensure a protective environment for internally displaced girls and boys and their families in IDP camps from further violence, abus...